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Steven Stamos, a shy screenwriter whose first movie bombed, volunteers to be a test patient for a new drug. Steven does not know anything about the drug as he joins a group of five other 20-somethings with one thing in common: they're all broke, lost and confused.


  The plot thickens as Steven falls in love with Emily Rezaie, the beautiful girl next door. But Steven thinks he doesn't stand a chance with her, so he makes a deal with Tomás Henao, a self-proclaimed artist, philosopher and ladies' man: Steven will help Tomás to write a script that could make him famous, and in return Tomás will help Steven to win Emily's heart.


  The script they craft resembles several uncanny parallels with the events unfolding inside the research lab, and just before the final day and the final page is written, Steven must decide what will prevail: friendship or immortality?


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